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5 Steps to Ensure Your Success

  • Stabalize

    The first thing we do with new clients is stabilize their IT environment. There’s no need to go any further until this step is accomplished. Unlike most IT companies who profit on your systems failing, we succeed on your systems running smooth. We incentivize our engineers and technicians on “up time” not failure. You’ve been dealing with this junk for a long time, and we need to eradicate those nagging issues once and for all!

  • Mitigate Risk

    Our next important task is to assess your level of risk. By risk, we mean, do you have a proper backup program in place, and when was the last time you actually tested it? Are you running antivirus and is it up to date? Do you know who has access to important company competitive information and would it harm your business if it fell into the wrong hands? What’s your plan of action in the event of a disaster? How long can your systems be down?

  • Liberate

    Now it’s time to free your mind from the constant interruptions of being the “part-time” IT hero, to actually focusing on running your business.  You’ve been wasting a ton of time and money dealing with computer issues.  Smile… we own those problems now.

  • Good Business Advisors

    With the first three crucial steps out of the way, we can now become your trusted advisor and provide CIO level consulting and direction. How can your business leverage technology to grow? We’ll be there to help devise a plan to wrap technology around your ultimate business goals.

  • Save You Money!

    This step actually starts in the beginning and works throughout the process. We’ve already made the heavy investments in the tools, the monitoring, the ticketing, and your business gets to benefit from that. You don’t have to worry about your technology team getting sick, going on vacation, switching jobs, etc. We’re going to be there rain or shine treating your dollar like it’s ours.

Did you know that our staff of system architects and engineers have extensive training in their field of expertise?

  • Epptech's service is an experience I will not soon forget.  I have had computer issues for years and have tried using various companies including the big name ones, but none of them came close to what Epptech has done for me.  The technician, was fantastic!  I don't want to write a book, so let me just say that you will not regret trusting these guys.  They will be my "computer guy" for years to come.–Wesley Stephens, Prime Distributors, Inc.

  • After looking around Birmingham for a solution to our technology needs, it became clear that Epptech was the best choice, not just from a technology standpoint, but also from a relationship standpoint.  I view Epptech the same way I look at my banker, lawyer and insurance agent.  Those are the people who help me run my business, understand what we have and know how to make it better.–John Wyatt, Gary C. Wyatt General Contractor, Inc.


Areas Covered

We provide a range of Network Services, Computer Support and IT Consulting in Birmingham, Hoover, Pelham, Bessemer, Fairfield, Homewood, Meadowbrook, Alabaster, Montevallo, Calera, Hueytown, Fultondale, Irondale and Gardendale.

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